Truck Transmission Repair

United Engines professional truck mechanics will save you precious time and money fixing the most simple to complex truck issues. We can make changes and repairs to all makes and models.

Commerical Truck RepairThe Allison Transmission is perfect powering for on-highway transport trucks, hauling trucks, or recreation trucks. The Allison transmission, is designed to meet any requirements with unparalleled efficiency and quality.

Call United Engines today to schedule an appointment at (501) 404-8087. Allison transmissions are available and in stock.

Commercial Truck Repair Services:

  • Heavy-Duty Truck Repairs
  • Semi-Truck Repairs
  • Big Rig Truck Repairs
  • Tractor Trailer Repairs
  • Dump Truck Repairs
  • Diesel Engines & Transmission Parts
  • Complete Bumper To Bumper Service
  • 24-Hour Parts, Sales & Service

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